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Online Step-By-Step Medicare Enrollment Guide

We take you through the entire process of enrolling in Medicare from start to finish, straight from

Our enrollment guide comes straight from a chapter in our book. We show you the exact steps (pictures included) for enrolling in Medicare online to make the process and fast and simple as possible for you.

Everything You Need To Know

How To Enroll In Medicare Online

If an individual must enroll in Medicare at 65 or older, it can be quite stressful. This section will provide step- by-step instructions on what an individual needs to do in order to enroll in their Medicare Part A and B. Enrolling in Medicare should be a onetime event for someone who is eligible for Medicare. The individual does not need to renew their Medicare coverage every year. Once enrolled into Medicare Part A and B, they are now in the Medicare program. Enrolling in Medicare will only be stress free if an individual knows exactly what they need to do. After you are done with this section, you will know exactly what needs to be done in order to simply complete the enrollment process.

Steps To Enroll In Medicare When Not Automatic At 65

Many times, an individual needing to enroll into Medicare Part A and/or B are not given clear instructions. We are going to go through step-by-step instructions on what an individual needs to do in order to successfully enroll into Medicare themselves and apply online. Social Security handles the enrollment and cards for Medicare. The first place the individual needs to go is to to begin the enrollment process.

Create a "my Social Security" Account

In order to enroll into Medicare, the individual will first need to log into or create an account through Social Security called ‘my Social Security.’ My Social Security account is a free and secure account that will help to identify that the individual is eligible for Medicare Part A and B. The benefit of my Social Security is the individual can log into their account anytime and request a replacement Social Security card, check the status of a submitted application, and manage their benefits. My Social Security is not just for those who are eligible for Medicare. Everyone should create a personal account so they can manage their social security and retirement information.

Start the Enrollment Process

Once an individual has their login information for my Social Security or they have created their personal account, they are now ready to enroll into Medicare for their Part A and/or B. On the front page of Social Security, they individual will select “Medicare Enrollment.” What will happen next is the individual will then be directed to the Medicare benefits page, which will explain to them the parts of Medicare. The individual will want to scroll down to the middle of the page until they see a big blue button, which says, “Apply for Medicare Only.”

Apply Online For Just Medicare

For an individual who is holding off on their Social Security retirement benefits, but will still need their Medicare Part A and/or B, this is the most convenient way to enroll into Medicare. An individual turning 65 will not be required to sign any forms or need to provide any documentation.

Agree to the Terms of Service

The individual will be directed to the Benefits Application Terms of Service page where they will agree to the statements that they are applying for their Medicare benefits.

Start a New Application

The individual is now ready to apply online for their Retirement/Medicare Benefits by clicking on “Start a New Application.” Once submitted, they can always follow up and check the status of their application by signing into their personal my Social Security account.

Automatically Redirect to "my Social Security"

The individual will answer a couple of questions and then will be able to securely sign in through my Social Security and begin the Medicare enrollment process. When directed, the individual will enter their username and password and sign in through my Social Security.

Answer the Key Application Questions

The “Identification” tab will ask the individual if they would like to apply for Medicare only or for their retirement cash benefits as well. If applying for Medicare only, the individual will answer “Yes” and click on the next button.

Answer the Key Application Questions Continued

The “General” tab will ask the individual if they would like to enroll in Medicare Part B, which they will answer “Yes.”


Once the individual has reviewed and electronically signed the application, they will get a “Thank you for applying for Medicare online.” The application is now complete.

Confirmation Continued

The individual should receive an email confirmation once they have applied to Social Security for their Medicare, letting them know they have received the application.

Instantly Access Your Medicare Number

The individual will typically receive a letter from Social Security called the “Benefit Verification Letter” within 10 business days, showing they were approved for their Medicare. It is highly recommended that the individual log into my Social Security under “Benefits & Payments” and select “Get a Benefit Verification Letter.” They can print this letter with their unique Medicare number and effective dates, so they have it right away. It will take about three to four weeks to get the Medicare card in the mail, so this will be useful to have this letter immediately.

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